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I wish I was wiser but instead I’ll be grateful.

I'll say, "Thanks for the love, for the joy, for the smile."

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two cuttlefish interact while a third looks on.
9 September
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My favorite section of the alphabet is the part that looks like this, "fghijklm".

Marshall --

Full of bees
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

it is one desire
burning hot and bright
it could fill the sky
it could fill me up

- Sleater-Kinney, "Things You Say"
ahaha, i have commas, algebraic equations, anaïs nin, ani difranco, anya christina emmanuella jenkins, armored polar bears, body modification, broadening my vocabulary, cowgirls, delineated moments, ee cummings, electrelane, fingersmith, fingersmith, fingersmith, fingersmith, fingersmith, firefly, fireworks, four-letter names, freedom of speech, hansel & gretel stories, his dark materials, invisible gods, life as art, logic puzzles, louise glück, lyrical psychology, macho sluts, male feminism, nan's florence, performance diarists, poetry, post-shower cuddling, queer men, queer women, redefining masculinity, sadomasochism, skewed normalcy, tattoos, the agnes wells quadrangle, trans bodies, wanderlust, what's chivalrous and grand, you being in love

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